ALPHA SERVICES has highly technically qualified personnel with experience in various areas of Radiation Protection . Because of its national and international experience , we can provide efficient management , a ready customer response and ability to provide a quality team .

Nuclear commercial and government facilities that require professional support and temporary technical assistance and needing a good radiological work with efficiency and quality . With the growing emphasis on labor standards and compliance procedures is important for our clients to work with professional and qualified staff . Alpha Services strives to provide a qualified Radiation Protection , with professional and motivated staff .

ALPHA SERVICES provide professionals in the following areas :

ALARA Engineers
ALARA Supervisors
Radiation Protection Supervisors
Decontamination Supervisors
Radwaste Supervisors
Radioprotection Technicians
Radwaste Technicians
Dosimetry Technicians
Instrumentation Technicians
Safety Technicians
Decontamination Technicians
Training Instructors

ALPHA SERVICES performs services in the following areas with qualified personnel and specific equipment :

Radiation Protection Program
Radiometric Survey
Radioactive Material Transport
Decontamination of Contaminated Sites
Shielding Calculation