Foreign Material Exclusion

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ALPHA SERVICES is the authorized representative from an American company TY-FLOT  in South America , leader in the sector of Foreign Material Exclusion and DROPS.

We provide a wide range of materials for use in Foreign Material Exclusion and DROPS.

We offer training for your company on Foreign Material Exclusion and DROPS these trainings can be conducted at your company for employees in general and specific to the maintenance staff, these procedures are very important for today’s businesses.

Since 1995, Ty-Flot, Inc. has continued to be an innovative provider of Foreign Material Exclusion and DROPS products, training and safety programs—with a specialty in the energy generation industry. In addition to our commitment to staying ahead of the curve—with our multiple patents and constant research and development program, we have also lead the industry in safety with our Speak Up for Progress Outreach initiatives. It’s this forward thinking
dedication to the industry, customer service and product development that proves how well equipped we are to serve each of our focus industries—including, but not limited to:

• Oil & Gas
• Power Generation
• Fossil & Wind Power Generation
• Refineries
• Chemical Plants
• High Rise Construction
• High Rise Maintenance
• Bridge Building
• Crane Services

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